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Letter to President Trump,

Committee for the Democratization 

of the Republic of Macedonia

3721 Greenlane, Beamsville, On. L0R 1B1 Canada


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August 22, 2018


Dear Mr. President;


Please allow me to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the tremendous job you have done so far as President of the USA. Your work in recovering the US economy, your ability to deal with the hostile media, Deep State, academia, Hollywood, and “civil society” and your contribution in raising the spirit of the American people and freedom lovers throughout the world has been most impressive! You are doing God’s work, Sir! For that may He bless you and your family for a thousand generations! 

I am writing you in order to bring your attention to my former homeland, Macedonia, and perhaps to rouse you to act against a common enemy. To chronicle all of the abuses against the Macedonian people just from the end of the Second World War to the present day, one would need to write several thick volumes. Out of respect for your precious time, I will try to make the case within the confines of these few pages while focusing mostly on the last three decades. In your actions and speeches since you’ve assumed the Office of the leader of the free world – such as your Warsaw speech, your statements that the US mismanaged the fall of Communism, and your invitation of the North Korean dissident to your first State of the Union address – you have demonstrated that you understand in principle most of the issues I will speak about.

In this war between good and evil, freedom and socialist subjugation, Macedonia and America are facing a common enemy. Namely, the first reports about “fake news” that eventually turned into the phony Russia collusion narrative originated on November 3, 2016 and told of the “fake news boom” in the Macedonian town of Veles. They were stories published by Soros-backed yellow journal Buzzfeed and the Guardian that were then picked up by mainstream media outlets who ran with the narrative. This summer Buzzfeed, in conjunction with two Soros-operated civil societies, went back to Macedonia to run a follow up on the story. There they found “Patient Zero” and that “American conservatives played a secret role in the Macedonian fake news boom.” The same story tried to connect the Americans and Macedonians involved with one of the 13 Russians indicted by Special Council Robert Muller earlier this year. Finally, left-wing media stories over the summer have been constructing a narrative that Russia, in collaboration with Macedonian nationalists, is meddling in the upcoming name-change referendum there. The real goal is, obviously, to paint Macedonian conservatives/nationalists as pro-Russian and make them the missing link in the Trump-Russia collusion as a simple means of perpetuating this false narrative, and perhaps to try to bring you down with it. This sort of intrigue is right out the Communist Secret Police playbook.

The reason, why out of all places, tiny Macedonia is at the center of this narrative, is simple. Macedonia is one of George Soros’ original laboratories. He has been operating there since 1992 when the US mismanaged of the fall of Communism. To loosely paraphrase Alexis De Tocqueville, one judges whether a society is genuinely free and democratic by the demonstrable liberty of the people and the independence of the media and civil societies. These are pillars that the people rely upon to check the power of the government. In the free world these pillars of democracy (as a synonym for liberty) are free from the government’s control, in the un-free world, they are under the control of the permanent state. Unfortunately, Macedonia is an example of the latter kind, where the society is under the absolute command of the Ideological Secret Police that was first installed by the Communist Regime of Yugoslavia, and was never dismantled despite the ostensible change of the constitutional order.

Former Yugoslav armed forces Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Branko Mamula, in his memoir “Slučaj Jugoslavija” describes a KGB plan intended to preserve the status quo of the Eastern Bloc and Yugoslavia “through the gathering storm of anti-communism and nationalism” by adopting the nominal adjustments necessary to create the illusion of change. During the past quarter century we have been witnessing that plan in action.

Under the joint direction of the Secret Police and the Soros’ Open Society Foundation, in the period after the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the civil societies in Macedonia grew into the veritable centers of political power unaccountable to the voting public (their equivalents in the US are the SPLC, Media Matters, MoveOn, Center for American Progress, etc.). They are the illegitimate aristocracy, the new political commissariats; institutions that have no room for genuine civic engagement or discourse.

In 1992 George Soros lent $25 million to the Macedonian government. Subsequently, the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia began its activities by giving out “humanitarian assistance” in the form of household care packages and school supplies to “underprivileged” families. Within a year or two, it began to train journalists and “human rights activists,” and financed the establishment of a number of “independent media” corporations whose purpose was to play the role of the controlled opposition. Every civil society of note whose opinions are endlessly recited by the “independent media” – as well as the “independent media”, itself – were founded and continue to be funded by a single center, the FOSM. The FOSM was the first civil society formed in “independent” Macedonia, and to this day it is by far the most powerful, having in the meantime grown into an extension of the US Embassy in Macedonia. It’s first Director, until three years ago, was Vladimir Milčin, a leader of the 1968 Marxist-Maoist Revolution, a graduate of Tito’s Red Universities, and at the time of the Foundation’s establishment, a member of the Executive Board the Social-democratic Union (SDSM), the new name of the old Communist Party. This inaugurated a revolving door policy between the SDSM and FOSM, and created a partnership that exists to this day (much like the partnership between Soros and the DNC). Despite his nominal retirement, Milčin is still the man actually in charge of the operation. Soros’ idea with the FOSM was for the “non-governmental sector” to establish a network that would replace the state media and other institutional monopolies after their planned collapse. This new network was then used to provide the support infrastructure for the post-communist oligarchy – the cover up crew – and became the single most important incubator for the preparation of fresh neo-communist talent. The Foundation’s mission to date has been impeccably executed. In fact, it would have been harder for it to fail. In the course of the past two and a half decades Milčin, between Soros' personal funds and those provided by USAID, had at his disposal hundreds of millions of dollars with which to do his bidding of preserving the totalitarian Communist system of “singularity”. And in a country where one’s allegiance is purchased with a sandwich and a pop, that kind of money goes far indeed. Initially all of this was funded by Soros’ own money. Over time a system was developed where the funding was outsourced to USAID. I believe that right now the vast majority of the funding of the Soros operation in Macedonia is coming from the coffers of the US State Department.

Macedonia was the perfect grounds for Soros to hone his trade of societal takeover. As a Communist-run state, Macedonia came with a built-in police state and an establishment full of like-minded allies. It is also a country that has undergone two major identity change events in the past century: first after it was annexed to Serbia after the Balkan Wars and the Great War. The second: after World War II and the ascension of the Communists. Thus, Soros had a lot to learn from the local Secret Police. And while the Secret Police violates personal liberties and illegally persecutes people on a mass scale and controls the political process, the so-called NGOs under the Soros umbrella, the journalists they train, and the media they sponsor, cover-up for the illegal activities of the Secret Police.

Throughout the 1990s when the SDSM was in power the Secret Police (i.e. Deep State) renewed the policy of persecuting pro-Western, pro-free market nationalists under the auspices that in collaboration with the Bulgarian intelligence agency they were preparing a violent overthrow of the constitutional order. No such thing was even remotely true. The Macedonian intelligence agency (Secret Police), which has a long standing working relationship with the CIA, fed information to their American counterparts that these “ultranationalists” were ultimately working for Russian interests. In 2000 the first VMRO-DPMNE government, voted in a freedom of information act that partially opened the archives of the Secret Police. The archives provided official proof that a mass persecution of nationalists did indeed take place throughout the 1990s. According to a public statement given by a former Director of the Macedonian intelligence agency, throughout this period the Secret Police maintained a network of 350,000 collaborators, out of a total population of less than 2 million people. Judging by my studies of the methods of operation of the Secret Police, I am inclined to believe that this is a very low-ball number. Even as such, it speaks of the totality of the supervision, subversion, and control of the society by the Deep State. The Soros “civil societies” that now work as an extension of the US Embassy in Macedonia, and who report on every instance of “discrimination” against minorities or members of the LGBTQ+ community, and try to frame surveillance as strictly a practice of the VMRO-DPMNE, did not write a single word in one of their reports about these illegal, unconstitutional, and inhumane persecutions of tens thousands of Macedonian citizens, where people lost their health, their businesses, their families, and sometimes, even their lives. Furthermore, in 2009 when the then-VMRO-DPMNE government was trying to implement a lustration act intended to purge the judiciary, education, politics, and the police of Secret Police employees and collaborators, the FOSM challenged the law at the Constitutional Court, and argued that the persecutions were justified since they were committed “according to the needs of the government.” Since the Court was stacked with people that would be affected by the purge, the law was stricken down.

As you may be aware the present SDSM-led Macedonian government recently signed an agreement with its Greek counterparts intended to settle the name dispute between those two countries. What you may not be aware of is that the agreement does not comply with the Macedonian Constitution, and that it is wildly unpopular among the Macedonian people. The Government’s claim is that the name change is a small price to pay for entry into the EU and NATO. Personally, I do not believe that the deal was made in good faith and suspect that it was intended to fail. Macedonia is not genuine about joining NATO and the EU. The Regime is using the pretense that it intends to join only so that it can draw more money from the West. The Regime’s insincerity is easiest to see when it comes to its absolute failure – that stretches back to the days of Yugoslavia – to implement the recommendations made by Western alliances and organizations that pertain to the establishment of the rule of law and improvement of personal liberties and economic freedom. However, that not withstanding, the agreement was greeted by Secretary of State Pompeo, followed by an announcement by USAID that it will be issuing up to four grants intended to fund the efforts of the “civil societies organizations” of Macedonia in order to promote the upcoming referendum intended to ratify the agreement. These announcements have disheartened the Macedonian people, who, like myself, see in you a force for good in this world and an ally in the war against globalist socialism. The agreement is illegitimate, and as such it does not lead Macedonia toward the path of the rule of law. I am aware that the State Department has traditionally been staffed with leftists and communist sympathizers. This is why I believe that these decisions came as a result of the influence of these sinister forces within the State Department, rather than as a result of Mr. Pompeo’s own fair judgment of the situation. This is why we still have faith in you and your administration.

To be sure, you, Mr. President, have rightly stated that the US mismanaged the fall of Communism in the early 1990s. However, I believe that that mismanagement began much earlier. When Tito broke from Stalin in 1948, the US jumped at the opportunity to sway Yugoslavia in its favor. The expectation was that with enough money, nudging, and encouragement, Yugoslavia’s ruling elite would eventually westernize its political and economic system. As a result, the anti-communist pro-Western forces of Yugoslavia generally and Macedonia specifically were hung out to dry. While in the 1940s the CIA was considering cooperation with these groups and reported on the political prisoners in the country, after 1950 its reports on Yugoslavia stopped talking about the persecution of political adversaries of the system, and began speaking about Yugoslavia only in favorable terms. For nearly seventy years now the US has been propping the same Communist Regime in the hope that it will westernize it, liberalize it, and democratize it. Instead, the Communist Regime has poisoned America and made it more like Yugoslavia. The arrogant behavior of such Deep State figures like James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, and Peter Strzok suggest that Yugoslavian Secret Police mentalities, and perhaps habits, have already taken root in America.

In conclusion, Macedonia needs America’s help today just as it did in 1945, when the VMRO-SDRMA (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Free Democratic Republic of Macedonia under the Protectorate of America) began to lay its foundations. Then as now, Macedonia needs the West’s help in order to become a free country and a genuine democracy. This has been the belief of every God-loving patriotic Macedonian for the last hundred years, which is why so many of the graves of the heroes of the Macedonian liberty movement since 1945 are to be found on the outskirts of Chicago and Detroit. A free and democratic Macedonia would be useful to the US, as well, as it would mean that the forces of liberty, after being on the back foot for so long, would finally be on the march. A Macedonia free of Soros and the Communists would represent a small, but strategically important partner to America, and an opportunity to finally stabilize the Balkan Peninsula and perhaps even Europe. Through history Macedonia has played an instrumental role in the formation of our Western Civilization, and it has also been a perennial bone of contention. If approached correctly, I believe it has the potential to once again be the little engine that gives the West the impetus it needs to return to its former greatness. There are two things America can do to help Macedonia. 1) Stop the waste of American taxpayer money and cut all financial aid and other types of financing that prop up the existing system. This would also simultaneously deprive our common enemy of the US Government funds to which he has become accustomed. 2) Give guidance in, or at least support for, a purge of the society of the holdovers of the Communist regime, with special attention to the liquidation of the Secret Police.

Thank you for the time you have spent on this letter, and thank you in advance for the actions I am sure you will undertake.

May God bless you, and may God bless America!



Jordan Petrovski