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Помеѓу 23 јуни и 5 август 2018 година, Комитетот за демократизација на Република Македонија испрати две писма до американскиот државен секретар Мајк Помпео.

Во второто писмо Комитетот ја протестира одлуката на УСАИД да издаде четири грантови на организации од орбитата на фондацијата Отворено општество за промовирање претстојниот референдум. Во оваа прилика Комитетот му укажува на секретарот Помпео за неисправностите кои веќе се направени во донесувањето на одлуката за рефендум, во предложеното прашање, во објавата дека рефендумот е консултативен а не обврзувчки, за лажната пропаганда која ја шират Зоран Заев и неговите сојузници, како и за веројатноста дека Владата планира да манипулира со пребројувањето на гласовите. Тука Комитетот го потсетува Секретарот дека клучниот проблем со кој се соочува Македонија, и со кој ќе се соочува во понатамошните преговори за влез во ЕУ и НАТО доколку се настапи со промена на името, чесно или на сила, е дефицитот во владеењето на правото. Комитетот му посочува на Секретарот дека западната поддршка за неуставни и нелегитимни потези кои можат да го сменат името на државата се само чекори во погрешна насока доколку намерите на западните лидери за прием на Македонија во двете алијанси се искрени. Комитетот му укажува на Секретарот дека мнозинството Македонци се против договорот и планираат да го бојкотираат референдумот. Одлуката на УСАИД да издаде грантови кои се наменети да го промовираат референдумот само ја зголемува сомнителноста на Македонците кон Америка, особено по мандатот на амбасадорот Џес Бејли. Конечно, Комитетот го потсетува Помпео дека вистинските прозападни елементи во Македонија се и секогаш биле националистите, кои во моментов се против договорот за промена на името.


St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

August 5, 2018

TO: Mr. Michael Pompeo, Secretary of the State Department

Dear Mr. Secretary;

I have already written to you expressing the dissatisfaction of Macedonian friends of America and dissidents against the Communist regime that still rules that the country with your decision to salute the Tsipras-Zaev deal intended to illegally change the name of our Motherland.

In the weeks since, your USAID has stepped forward with up to four grants intended to fund the efforts of the so called “civil societies organizations” of Macedonia—a euphemism for Soros controlled organization that meddle in the internal business of the country—to promote the upcoming referendum intended to ratify the aforementioned unconstitutional agreement. This action suggests that the USSD is endorsing the illegitimate deal signed by PM Zaev. Furthermore, this decision gives the impression that the USSD is throwing its weight behind the Zaev Government in the upcoming referendum. Aside from the fact the deal is unpopular among the people, and on top of its illegitimate nature, the referendum itself is already beginning to smack of irregularities, illegality, and voter intimidation.

First, according to the Constitution and the Referendum Act the decision of a referendum of this nature—dealing with changes to the Constitution and foreign alliances—is supposed to be binding. Should the referendum fail, either by a majority of “NO” votes or by a failure to produce voter participation of 50.01% of the electorate, the deal should become null and void. PM Zaev has in the past week suggested that the referendum is only consultative in nature—i.e. if its outcome does not match the will of the Government, then the Parliament can vote otherwise, presumably by simple majority, as it did recently to endorse the deal—which, was also contrary to Macedonian law.

Second, the proposed question is a violation of the Constitution and the Referendum Act as it is three separate questions rolled into one—“Are you for membership in NATO and the EU by accepting the agreement between R Greece and R Macedonia?” The intent is clearly to confound the Macedonian public into voting for the name change deal by inserting the two separate questions relating to EU and NATO membership. You know as well as I do, that the Greek veto is not the only issue preventing Macedonia’s accession into these two alliances, which makes the question posed by the Government highly misleading.

Third, there is the issue of the Government announcing the referendum prior to the agreement’s official ratification in the Official Gazette. That is to say, the Government is trying to rush the procedure, running contrary to Western demands for the respect of democratic processes.

Fourth, PM Zaev’s misleading statements intended to encourage a voter participation greater than 50% suggest that his Government is intent on manipulating the vote count—a well-established practice in Macedonian politics.

Next, figures close to the government have been spreading the idea that advocating for a boycott is against the law, and have been alluding that they will force people to participate. They have also been spreading the fear that a “NO” vote on the referendum would set the country on the path to war and eventual dissolution.

The situation here is very simple. Everything concerning the Tsipras-Zaev agreement is contrary to Macedonian law. And yet, the rule of law is the key issue that will confront Macedonia in its NATO and EU accession efforts going forward should the agreement get ratified, by hook or by crook. It would seem to me that the US and the EU are taking steps in the wrong direction by offering their support for a move that so obviously runs against the rule of law.

The vast majority of Macedonians are presently leaning towards boycotting the referendum. USAID’s decision to fund efforts to support the referendum will only make Macedonians even more suspicious of the true intentions of the US Government, especially following the unpopular tenure of Ambassador Jess Bailey.

Macedonia needs the help of the West. It needs the sort of help that will set it on the path of becoming a genuine democracy. Only once Macedonia is a truly independent free society can it become a worthwhile partner of the US and West.

What the West is doing right now with the name-change deal only goes to further encourage the ruling oligarchy that it can go on with its anti-democratic, lawless tyranny, comfortable with the notion that the West will continue to underwrite its financial and physical security. This kind of Macedonia will only continue to be a liability for its sponsors, not a full-fledged partner that can carry its own weight. You have the power to change that, Sir; I am pleading with you to do so.


Jordan Petrovski

Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia