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Заради оние кои не го владеат англискиот јазик ке дадаме кратко сиже што содржат писмата.

Помеѓу 23 јуни и 5 август 2018 година, Комитетот за демократизација на Република Македонија испрати две писма до американскиот државен секретар Мајк Помпео.

Во првото Комитетот ја протестира одлуката на Секретарот да го поздрави договорот Ципрас-Заев наменет да го промени името на Република Македонија. Протестот на Комитетот се заснова на фактот што договорот е неуставен и како таков е продолжение на беззаконието и прекршувањето на принципот на владеење на правото. Комитетот ја користи приликата да го потсети секретарот Помпео дека власта која го потпиша овој договор е наследник на СКЈ-Македонија, која со децении седеше на две столици и ја злоупотебруваше добродушноста за Западот, истовремено шијанираше ги вистинските пропоненти на западните вредности и алијанси во Македонија.


June 23, 2018

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 

TO:      Mr. Michael Pompeo, Secretary of the State Department

Dear Mr. Secretary;

It is with a great sense of regret and disappointment that I read the following announcement on the State Department’s website: “Secretary Pompeo urged French Foreign Minister Le Drian to support NATO extending an invitation to Macedonia to join, as well as the EU opening accession talks, following the signing of the name agreement between Greece and Macedonia.”

Perhaps I had been mistaken, but I was under the impression that the Clinton-Obama-Soros Shadow Party’s reign ended on November 8, 2016.

My disappointment with the announcement comes, not from the fact that you apparently are endorsing the name change of my former homeland—although I’m certainly not happy with the idea—but with the fact that you are seemingly endorsing an unconstitutional deal reached by an illegitimate government. A government, no less, comprised of the rebranded Communist Party of Yugoslavia and backed by the greatest enemy of the West since President Reagan took down the USSR, George Soros.

I write to you in the name of the Macedonian Right: the veterans of Tito’s gulags, the forced refugees, the evangelists of democratic and Western values, the champions of the ideal of a free democratic Republic of Macedonia under the protectorate of America. I write to you in the name of the silenced proponents of free markets and Western democracy who have been repeatedly betrayed by the Reds at the CIA and the State Department beginning with the 1950s all the way through the 1990s and into the Obama years. If you have ever wondered why it is that the former Yugoslavia never made it as a state, or why its successors never amounted to much, it is precisely because of the policy of the United States and its Western allies to support the anti-Western, anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, liars, manipulators, and murderers who want nothing to do with political freedom, diplomatic honesty, or Christian integrity.

The present Macedonian Government is, as noted above, illegitimate. The Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Tallat Xaferi was appointed to his position by a gross violation of Parliamentary procedure. The state security apparatus, i.e. the secret police, remains unreformed, as is the case with the judiciary. The agreement on the name change with Greece is likewise illegitimate, as the President of the Republic of Macedonia was not represented in the negotiations, and is unwilling to sign the deal. And, it is the President, not the Government, who holds the Constructional authority to sign international agreements of this nature. If this counts for anything, the majority of Macedonians are not happy with this deal, either

I will keep this short, Mr. Secretary. Macedonia needs the West’s help, most specifically, it needs America’s help. The help that Macedonia needs is not international loans and grants. Macedonia has had access to unearned American money for nearly 70 years, and is not an iota better off for it. The help that Macedonia needs is in establishing the rule of law as its fundamental governing principle. Only by becoming a sincere democratic society with true Western values can Macedonia become a useful ally to the United States.

As is, Macedonia can only play the role of a Trojan horse within the Western community. Only after Macedonia deals with its Communist past, denounces the crimes of that regime, and purges its society from its holdovers, can it be considered worthy of an invitation to NATO and the EU.

Your call to the French Foreign Minister to extend an invitation to Macedonia for joining NATO and the EU at this moment endorses an illegitimate deal, a fruit of a poisoned tree. It signals that the US has not fundamentally changed its policy of backing the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, and that there is no hope for those who dream for liberty to one day finally dawn upon their homeland.

It is my deepest and sincerest of hopes that I have misunderstood your position, or that you have made your announcement in an automatic fashion, without the proper thought it deserved. It is my hope, and the hope of all Macedonians, that you will reconsider this position, and withdraw your support for this deal as well as for any possibility of inviting Macedonia into the company of the Western democracies for as long as the Communists and their progeny rule it.


Jordan Petrovski

Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia


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