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TO: Mr. Johanes Hahn (4)


April 5, 2018
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
TO:      Mr. Johanes Hahn, European Commissioner for European Neighborhood 
Policy and Enlargement Negotiations
D – West Balkans
D.3 – The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo
Attn:    David Cullen
Dear Mr. Hahn/Mr. Cullen,

Your letter from March 27, 2018 implies that our last letter (3/5/2018) contained no new insight and therefore you saw no reason to dignify it with a proper response. In essence this was not truly any different from the responses we have been getting from you in particular in the past few months, or the EC in general in the past ten years. The reason why we seem to keep repeating ourselves is because you never provide a concrete response to our concerns, nor do you express curiosity to move the conversation forward.

The EC has repeatedly declared that its mission regarding Macedonia is to establish the rule of law, and yet none of its practical proposals to the Macedonian state have ever included specific recommendations for doing away with the remnants of the Communist Party regime—the actual roadblock to the rule of law. This despite EC Resolutions 1096 and 1481, and despite the established precedent of pressuring former Communist countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states, to purge their ranks of Party Police collaborators. In fact, in Macedonia, the EC has consistently supported legislative solutions that shelter those who were connected to the Communist Party regime, as well as those who operated in its spirit despite the nominal abandonment of the single-party system. Furthermore, the EC seems convinced that the people who operated in anti-democratic ways ought to be the folks that bring about democracy to Macedonia.

Since you feel that you’ve addressed our concerns satisfactorily, I trust that you will see no issues with our making this exchange public thereby letting the people of Macedonia decide whether the EC has their best interests at heart or those of their oppressors.


Jordan Petrovski

Committee for the Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia